Top Ways to Keep Your Concrete Driveway Clean and Attractive

No matter how well-decorated your interiors are, a shabby and dingy driveway can spoil the total impression. In fact, the entrance way is one of the most neglected features of properties that need proper maintenance. Whereas clean pathways make your house look attractive, disheveled driveways give it a neglected look.

Driveway ConcretingThe entrance of your home gets dirty from heaped up vehicle fluids, mud and street salt. If stains remain on the surface for a very long time, the cleaning process gets quite difficult and tedious. With regular cleaning, it’s possible to hold on to its external appeal and durability. In home extensions a majority of the pathways are made out of grey-tinted concrete. In the initial stage, it looks really beautiful and attractive; however, with the passage of time, it starts building up dirt, oil, cracks and weeds. Following are a few potential ways to clean your concrete driveways. And when making plans for home extensions, it’s important to consider whether you want some extra rooms in your residence. You may add an extra room.

Drainage issues are quite common during the rainy season. Instead of draining off the side of the pathway, it will accumulate in the middle. It is generally the case with concrete, which has a tendency to settle down soon. As a general rule of the thumb, the driveway should be at least an inch above the road to your house or garage. This will allow the accumulated water to drain out soon.

When it comes to oil stains, the cleaning process gets a little more difficult. While chalk can be effortlessly wiped off with a water pipe, oil requires a lot more labor. You may use a dash of saw dust or car litter. Allow this to rest for about two days and then clean it off. That way, all the oil stains will be absorbed by the concrete and you’ll have a cleaner surface driveways.

Power washing is another popular way of keeping your driveway clean and attractive. These days, you get cleaners specially made for sidewalks, pathways, or concrete driveways. Quite obviously, they do a much more efficient job than pressure washer or hot water.

Once the surface is clean and gives a uniform impression, it’s time for sealer application. Concrete is a porous material and oils and dirt get easily locked in them. The ideal way to keep these out of your driveway is sealing its surface. These sealants can be easily applied like paint and will provide a shiny appearance. At times, they may even give a wet look to your entrance way.

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