The Mission Inn Museum is a beautiful building in Riverside. The museum has been around since the 1800s and was originally a hotel. It still operates as a hotel today, but it also offers tours of the historic building to visitors who are interested in learning more about its history. In this blog post we will discuss everything you need to know about the Mission Inn Museum!

Brief History

This museum was built by Frank Miller in the 1800s. He wanted to build a hotel that was more than just your typical building where people could stay for one or two nights before moving on. Instead, he created an opulent three-story Victorian-style inn with more than 100 rooms and 22 fireplaces! The first floor of this museum had many different shops like grocery stores and a bakery.

Weddings at the Mission Inn Museum

Since it is such an impressive building, people often get married here! There are multiple wedding venues that can be rented out by brides and grooms who want to say their “I do’s” in this historic place. It has been used as a setting for many movies like The Wedding Singer, Maid in Manhattan, and The Godfather III. You might even see some of your favorite celebrities if you decide to attend one of these ceremonies!

Visitors Tours

There are guided tours available throughout the day on most days (except Mondays). These tours last about 45 minutes and cost $12 per person. If you would rather explore on your own or don’t have time for a tour, there are also free self-guided audio and walking tours that you can do.

The Mission Inn Museum has a very unique history! If you’re looking for an interesting place to visit while in Riverside, California then this should be your top pick! There are several different exhibits inside the building like one on winemaking and another on Hollywood movies filmed here. This museum will keep you entertained all day long!

Things to Do

This museum offers visitors with lots of things to do, including:

  • Learn history: This museum has a lot of historic artifacts from the 1800s that visitors can learn about.
  • See movies filmed here: Hollywood films like The Godfather III, Maid in Manhattan, and The Wedding Singer have all been shot inside these walls!
  • Take photos: There are two courtyards with beautiful fountains where people often take wedding pictures or family portraits. This makes it easy for visitors who only plan on seeing one thing because they can fit several things into their schedule!

Overall this is such an interesting place with so much history behind it. Whether you’re looking for some family entertainment or just want to learn more about early California life, then we highly recommend that you visit The Mission Inn Museum today!

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