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Union Square is a public square in San Francisco that has been designated as a historic landmark. It was one of the city’s earliest parks, and it has been at the heart of many major events in the city’s history. In this article, we will explore some facts about Union Square you should know including its historical significance and what makes it so special.

It Carries a Rich History

This public square was originally associated with the US Postal Service and is now home to a number of very popular retailers. Union Square has been at the center of many significant events in San Francisco’s history including labor rallies, protests, and celebrations. For example, it played an important role during World War I when thousands of people gathered here for war-bond drives

Union Square was once a potters’ field.

This public square was once a potters’ field. It is believed that over 30,000 people were buried here in the 19th century before it was converted to a park. The bodies were all moved out of Union Square by 1915 and now serve as an important landmark for the neighborhood

It is a true testament to the “Tale of Two Cities.”

This public square is a true testament to the “Tale of Two Cities.” It was at one time associated with wealth but has since become an important gathering place for people from different backgrounds and income levels. The park serves as the site where many movements have started over the years including workers’ rights

The First Labor Day Parade was held in Union Square.


The first Labor Day Parade was held in Union Square. This event started as a way to celebrate workers and protest the current state of employment opportunities, but it has grown into one of San Francisco’s biggest celebrations

It once served as an area for public executions.

Union Square used to serve as an area where public executions were conducted. The park is also home to two statues that pay homage to those who lost their lives here during this time including Native Americans and Spanish farmers who fought against colonization by Spain.

The George Washington statue in Union Square is the oldest statue in the city’s Parks collection

This public square is home to a number of historic statues including the George Washington statue which was the first monument in San Francisco’s public parks collection. The park also holds a memorial for the Native American genocide and another one dedicated to Spanish farmers who were killed by colonists.

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