Unusual Activities to Enjoy In Little Rock

Little Rock, AR is simply a little heaven on earth. It is a fun-filled city, which will provide you with something to enjoy for every month of the year. Whether you love adventuring, partying, or immersing yourself in green spaces and interact with nature, Little Rock will never disappoint.

Sometimes, however, you need to get crazy and engage in unusual activities. You want to run away from the normal and engage in activities that will create lasting memories. Luckily, there are many unusual things you can do in this part of the country. Some of them include;

Explore the River Market District on foot

For the locals, The River Market District is the lifeblood of the city’s downtown. This is the ideal place to eat whatever you desire, enjoy live music, make new friends, and do business. For a long time, this area forms the daily life of Little Rock.

When touring this place on foot, you will discover an array of cuisines from all parts of the world, talented local artists practicing their art, mind-blowing national acts at the amphitheater, as well as live musical performances.

In case you want to do some shopping, head to the farmers market and buy some fresh produce. After a long day, relax over a cold drink at the Riverfront Park.

Ride the River Rail Electric Streetcar

Public Transport is never an issue in Little Rock. You can go to every p[art of the city by bus or rail at any time of the day. however, if you want to make daily transport an enjoyable affair, consider riding the River Rail Electric Streetcar which was built in the 19th century. It ceased operation in 1947, but was later revived in 2004. This unusual transport system stretches for 3.4 miles and connects Little Rock CBD to North Little Rock. The streetcars operate every day, and they have proven to be one of the most renowned tourist attractions in the city.

Relax at the Bernice Garden and watch people

Sometimes, you don’t need to watch wildlife or other forms of nature for you acquire some peace of mind and relax your mind. Sit back at the Bernice Garden and do the unusual – with people going about their daily business.

This is a community garden which is furnished with various sculptures made by local artists. They are made using an array of materials, and are specifically focused on sustainability. The garden’s environs are highly welcoming, and its wild flowers and herbs attract butterflies of all colors and patterns. This is one of the most picturesque havens you can visit in this city and have fun!

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