Why You Should Use Stamped Concrete For Your Outdoor Patios

stamped concreteThere are so many homeowners who are interested in having stamped concrete for their patios so that they would be able to have that brick-like style for their homes. Stamped concrete has been known for making the outdoor area look exquisite with all the patterns, texture, and colors that it allows.

According to experts, stamped concrete are highly in demand because of their decorative property that is perfect for pool decks, patios, and even your driveway.

There are so many reasons for this and one is the fact that stamped concrete actually cost much less than other materials like brick, stone, or tiles. Aside from that, they are also very flexible.

The cost

There are different factors that determine the price of the stamped concrete. It can be decided according to the location, their details, and the colors that are being used. Those that have simple patterns and use single colors could be somewhere around $8 to $12 for every square foot. Those that make use of more elaborate and complicated designs could go up to $18.

A man named Jeff Satre wanted to have his patio designed but he wants to use a durable and affordable material. Because of the services providers’ high ratings, Jeff hired Salzano Custom Concrete to do the job for him. They are to install stamped concrete for his patios and he wanted it to resemble stones. The reason why he did not choose materials like brick pavers is that they are very costly and the maintenance requires him to exert so much effort.

He was an Angie’s List member and he said that he was very impressed with what he got in the end. The job cost a total of $14 000 and he did not regret a dime of it.

The professionals he hired charge the concrete $10 to $15 for every square foot. They said that when they started the business around 8 years ago, not one soul knew about stamped concrete and now it is among the most popular materials in the world.

Stamped concrete has been around for a very long time now and technology has redefined how it is being processed.

Some issues with concrete patios

There are around 17% of those who provided reviews for concrete patios who expressed disappoint over the materials, as seen on Angie’s List.

There are some of them who complained about job delays and some pool damage that they have to put up with.

The damages cost them another hundred dollars, which is already a large sum of money considering how much it cost in the first place.

According to experts, there are really times when you would encounter some delays and it is already a part of the process. Sometimes it is just inevitable. They have already been in the business for so many years and have handled so many projects already. They are saying that this is quite normal and they have actually seen it a lot.

However, they understand that the homeowners would find it hard to see that installing concrete patios is really an imperfect process and it is bound to have an issue or two.

If you are looking for those who are highly experienced in the job, you can take a look at the ratings that we have in Angie’s List.

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