Using Overlays for Concrete Resurfacing

There are many concrete companies today that offer complete and extensive line of systems for decorative concrete driveways and overlays. The selection in concrete driveway finishes has already expanded. It is no longer limited to spray on paving, exposed aggregate and stenciled concrete. Concrete professionals would definitely prefer concrete paving products for driveways and overlays.

There is no need for you to completely deconstruct your old concrete to create a new and fresh design. Modern concrete paths, floors, and driveways can be resurfaced without the need for removing the old one. This saves you a great deal of time and money.

Concrete resurfacing is a great way to revitalise old looking concrete and make it fresh again. It’s also a practical and economical way to increase the livability of your home and improve its value. Refer from the main source.

Concrete driveways are not that costly to construct. In fact, concrete material is a lot cheaper than flagstone, brick, slate, and other natural materials. Concrete can also be customized unlike asphalt or pavers.

Stamped concrete driveways can take the texture and appearance of slate, sandstone, cobblestone, ceramic tile and even wood. These unique and enduring concrete finishes not only add real curb appeal and value to your home, they are also durable and can last the lifetime of the substrate.

Selecting the most appropriate resurfacing system often involves weighing performance attributes against aesthetic value. These will involve a couple of questions to ask.

Does the concrete have a lot of cracks or gouges? Is the surface out of level? If so, choose a higher-build material, such as a self-levelling overlay that can be applied at a thickness of 1/4 inch or greater. Unless the surface imperfections are expertly patched or filled, they could telegraph through a thinner overlay, such as a micro-topping or skim coat. Too much moisture in the concrete substrate can also be a problem for some overlay systems, especially products that restrict the ability of the concrete to “breathe” or release moisture vapour as needed. There are simple tests that you can perform to check the moisture vapour emission rate of concrete. If it’s too high, be sure to use a permeable overlay system that will permit the moisture vapour to escape.

Be sure the topping or overlay system is tough enough to withstand all the conditions it will confront. Are the slab outdoors subject to weather extremes and freezing and thawing? Is it a floor surface in a high-traffic area or subject to chemical, grease, and oil spills? Although most systems will stand up well to wear, chemical attack, and dirt penetration when properly installed and sealed, some are better suited than others for harsher exposure conditions. Often a higher-build material or a material containing aggregates will perform better in aggressive environments.

Coloured concrete is the type among the decorative concretes used to turn interior and exterior surfaces to impart their exceptional beauty. As a homeowner, every human want to get the best to enhance the beauty of his house. Refer from here.

One of the main reasons to use an overlay system is to improve the appearance of concrete. Create a pattern, colour, and texture as desired for your new surface. By using the appropriate product, you can get your desired outcome, or even better. Consult with the overlay manufacturer and your installer for expert advice. It is advisable to ask for sample finishes and colour selections first so that you could have an idea on what to create.

Larger cracks on the concrete may need to be repaired first before any resurfacing. Minor cracks can be covered during the process so there is no need for actual repair. An epoxy and silica sand mix may actually do the trick in repairing medium to large-sized cracks. Structural damages in in the concrete will need intensive repair. Cracks may still re-occur even with proper resurfacing.

Resurfacing is the most practical method in improving the looks of your concrete. You can do it by yourself but for large projects, it is better carried out by professionals.

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