USS Hornet – Sea, Air and Space Museum is a museum in Oakland that has been open since 1968. It includes exhibits on the sea, air, and space. The museum offers visitors a chance to explore how America fought in World War II during an aviation tour of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier. Visitors can also explore other parts of this ship where they will see what life was like for those who served aboard The ship.

Some of the things to do here include:

Learn some Military History

This is a great place to learn all about the history of World War II. The museum has many exhibits that will show you how it was like during these dark times. Visitors can also take part in one of the guided tours or go out on their own with a self-guided tour! Whether it is by yourself, or with your family and friends there are lots of things to discover at this amazing military museum.

Explore Different Aircrafts

There are different aircraft from both World Wars I & II here for visitors to explore up close! These planes have been carefully preserved so they look just as if they were flying through the air today even though they’re over 70 years old now! Some of them include A Japanese Zero Fighter Plane, Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber, and a WWII-era Focke Wulf 190.

Explore the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier!

Visitors can explore this massive aircraft carrier that was used in World War II and see what it would be like to live on board such a ship. This is one of the most popular things to do at the museum for sure! Visitors get an up-close look at all different parts including The bridge, medical facilities, mess decks where you will learn about how food was prepared here during wartime. There are also many more areas throughout this huge military vessel so visitors should try their best not to miss any part while exploring it!

Experience Hands-On Exhibits

Have fun with some hands-on exhibits located inside the hangar bay of the USS Hornet! Children and adults alike will love this area where they get a chance to make sounds, play games, use ropes & pulleys. There are even exhibits that show what it was like for those who served on board during World War II. Visitors can also take part in one of the many different programs or classes available here too!

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