Knott’s Berry Farm is a theme park located in Long Beach, CA. It first opened its doors to the public on October 31, 1920. The idea of Knott’s was conceived by Walter Knott and his wife Cordelia. They wanted to create an amusement park that featured berry-themed attractions since Walter loved berries so much! Today, people come from all over to experience the excitement of this one-of-a-kind theme park!

Some of the reasons you should check out this place include:

Fun and Exciting

This theme park has a variety of thrilling rides, as well as some family-friendly ones. There’s something for everyone to enjoy! Also, there are tons of activities, like concerts and even seasonal events. Food!

Family Fun

The theme park is open from April through September during the spring and summer months. It opens up again in November for its annual “knight fest.” During this time, you can experience all sorts of fun activities like the jousting tournament, circus shows and even sword fights.


Since Knott’s Berry Farm is based on an agricultural theme, it features some very unique attractions that you can’t find anywhere else! Some of these attractions include Ghost Town, The Calico Mine Ride, the Timber Mountain Log Ride, Chicken Dinner Theater (featuring dinner theater with a Western flair), Silver Bullet Suspended Coaster (one of two suspended coasters in California), and much more!

All-New Revamped Attractions

There are new rides being added to this park every single day! This year, the park is adding a new ride called Hangtime. It’s an Intamin launch coaster that will reach speeds of up to 65 mph and feature a 90-degree drop! Also, Xcelerator was recently refurbished so you can expect faster rides than ever before when it reopens this spring. Also, there is a brand new roller coaster called the Twisted Colossus that opened in 2015. This ride features two separate tracks so you can experience twice as many thrills!


Knott’s Berry Farm offers several different services to accommodate its guests with disabilities, including their Disability Access Service (DAS). The DAS provides people who have special needs access to rides with little or no waiting in line.

The Atmosphere

This place has always been known for having excellent customer service since its doors first opened in 1920! They are committed to making sure guests have fun while creating memories they’ll never forget…and if anyone does try to ruin your day with bad behavior or troublemaking, Knott’s Berry Farm security guards won’t hesitate to step in and take care of it! So bring out your inner child by checking out this theme park soon!

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