Ways To Improve The Aesthetic And Functionality Of Your Concrete

One of the often overlooked aspect in home building is about the use of concrete. Why? Most homeowners would focus on enhancing the facade of their home so much more than the concreting works below. Yet, it must be realized that concreting works will add just as much value to your homes. Remember that an enhanced driveway or patio will say so much about the love and care that you have for your homes.

Thus, if you want to begin that face-lift for your property, then you must be prepared to face the effort and cost which you will be investing as the renovation process is going on. All the expenses and whatnot will all be outweighed by the stunning outcome that you will get in the end. You will definitely love the fresh look that you have which will then enhance the style and beauty of your home.

Concrete Enhancing Decisions


A face-lift can be difficult at first, sure there will be some scars, swelling and a sizable bill at the end. But given time and patience the pain and effort and cost will be outweighed by your stunning new look surroundings.

Assuming you’ve lived in this house for some time, you know best what works and what doesn’t. Let the style of house influence your decision when choosing new concrete alfresco floor or driveway and pathways. Liquid limestone looks best up against the 70’s red brick and cream house. A simple minimalist finish, new texture and a fresh clean look will enhance the style and beauty of any older house.


Selling a house can be an emotional upheaval. Getting the best sale price can soften the blow and put a smile on your face. First impressions matter. Investing in enhancing an entry or driveway will give the impression of a house that is loved and cared for. Choosing simple grey concrete or colored concrete will keep cost down and transform appearances. Creating a modern look with shape, color and texture, bringing your home into this century. Creating a warm welcoming feel is gold in real estate.


The best look for new builds is exposed aggregate and most popular product today. Its aesthetic appeal has stood the test of time, a durable and versatile product that will add value, completing the exterior areas beautifully. Let the architecture of your home influence your decision on products, colors and shapes. More details here…

On the other hand, you need to also equally put importance on the functionality of your concreting works and aesthetic. You must see to it that you will have the right matters prepared, and the proper techniques carried out during the renovation process, so that you can fully rely on to the concreting works made in your property. Solid foundation of the concreting works will ensure that you get a lasting concrete at the end of the day.

Piling on the Pressure: Dynamic Pile Load Testing Explained

Dynamic pile load testing is a technique employed to assess the bearing capacity or load carrying characteristics of a single installed foundation pile. The use of piles is not restricted to tall buildings, and because of this, any building with piles as part of its foundation is subject to testing. These can include apartment complexes, high rise developments, industrial plants, large retail outlets, and transport infrastructure such as bridges. All forms of piles can be tested, but the two most commonly deployed in the UK are driven piles and cast in situ bored piles.

The tests are carried out by attaching extremely sensitive electronic measuring equipment to the pile wall and striking the pile head with a heavy falling weight – usually the piling installation hammer. The generated stress wave is then recorded using a battery operated Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) from Pile Dynamics Inc.

From this data, it is possible to work out the soil resistance characteristics and integrity of the installed pile by using one-dimensional wave mechanics formulas. The resulting data can be further analysed with the CAPWAP method to better understand soil behavior and to plot a load versus deflection curve, which can be used to see if the pile is suitable to bare its intended load. Check this link: https://blog.esg.co.uk/piling-on-the-pressure-dynamic-pile-load-testing-explained.

All these matters are what you should take a closer look at so that you can be assured that the outcome of your concreting works is not just aesthetically great but also functionally sound. You need to be particular about the kind of works that are being done so that you will see great changes that are coming along the way. You will enjoy the fact that what you have invested on is something that can truly make you happy.

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