Ways To Take Care Of Your Concrete Driveway

Being a homeowner, it is necessary that you invest on your driveway; and ensuring that it is one made up of concrete. Keep in mind that a concrete driveway will give you so many benefits. In fact, you will realize that when you have such kind of driveway, it has that curb appeal, which will certainly add a great value to your home. Although having a concrete driveway is in a way expensive to construct, yet it is also one that will last long and will require a minimal amount of care from you.

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Thus, it is advisable that you are going to set aside a certain budget so that you can finally construct that concrete driveway; and for you to finally enjoy the worth of your investment. You need to remember to always take good care of your driveway, so that it will continue to look great and functional in the many years that will come.

Avoid Damaging Your Concrete Driveway

  1. Treat With Care
    This may be the easiest way to avoid damage to your driveway, as it costs nothing. While concrete driveways are made to last, they aren’t necessarily meant to take the weight of heavy commercial vehicles. If you have large equipment or are having work done on your property, it may be wise to make sure they aren’t parked on the concrete.
  1. Remove Stains Quickly
    Liquids such as oil, grease, and gasoline may cause stains and discolorations, even if your driveway has been stained. To avoid unsightly marks, wash such harmful liquids away as soon as possible. Existing stains may come out with the use of a power washer.
  1. Avoid Deicing Chemicals Though it may be tempting to use deicing chemicals on your driveway, this can lead to surface damage. The reason is that they cause thawing and refreezing of moisture, which results in the scaling of the driveway. Some products damage not just the concrete, but also the surrounding grass and plants. Additional tips are found here…

Thus, when you are going to discuss with a contractor with respect to the concrete driveway, it is for certain that you will be introduced to the process known as tilt up construction. Tilt up construction is an engineering technique that is proven to have multitude of benefits as oppose to that of the traditional means of concreting works.

4 Reasons Contractors Choose Tilt-Up Concrete Construction  

Savings in Construction Costs – Tilt-up construction provides numerous construction cost savings. This method of concrete construction uses locally available materials rather than ones that must be manufactured and shipped in. This means that raw material costs are lower, available when needed and less prone to price fluctuations. Tilt-up work crews are typically smaller than the crews used in traditional construction and are normally comprised of local labor. That translates to reduced labor costs. Because of the economies of scale, the larger the footprint for the building, the more these savings improve the project’s total cost.

Fast Construction Schedule – Tilt-up construction offers several opportunities to “compress” the schedule and deliver the building very quickly. Erecting the walls with tilt-up panels is faster than building walls using traditional construction techniques.

The trades can begin work earlier in the process on a tilt-up project, which allows greater overlapping of project phases. Because the building is made of ready-mix concrete from local sources, the project is less likely to be affected by transportation delays as well. All these factors provide for a faster, more predictable schedule with fewer opportunities for delays and associated cost overruns. For complete lists of benefits regarding tilt up construction, visit this article from the original post: https://www.jay-ton.com/single-post/2016/08/23/4-Reasons-Contractors-Choose-Tilt-Up-Concrete-Construction.

All these facts and information will fully guide you in the concrete driveway that you are planning to construct. If religiously followed, then you will see that your concrete driveway will be in tip top shape and will surely last long.

Image Credits: https://www.jay-ton.com.

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