The Sacramento Zoo is an awesome place to visit. There are many things you should do while you’re there, but there are also some things that you shouldn’t do. They include:

Don’t Feed the Animals

This is a no-brainer. Feeding the animals is a big no-no at any zoo. When you give them food, it can cause problems for both them and their keepers, especially if they are fed foods that aren’t part of their regular diet. Ensure you are only feeding the animals food that is given to them at the zoo.

This might seem like common sense but you should never, ever attempt to feed any animal outside of designated areas where it is okay for visitors to do so. Even if they look cute and cuddly, these creatures can be deadly – especially when they’re hungry!

Don’t Stray From the Path

It’s easy enough to get distracted by all of the cool-looking animals in a zoo but even though this may tempt you on occasion, make sure not to stray from your path. These attractions have been laid out with safety as one of their top priorities so stick within your boundaries or else there could be consequences. This includes making sure kids don’t wander off while you’re distracted.

Don’t Touch the Animals

Remember, these animals are wild and it is illegal for anyone other than professionals to touch them in many cases. If they come up to you looking for attention or food, make sure not to give it because this can be dangerous for both of you should any harm happen when you get too close. This includes monkeys who may think your hair looks like a tasty snack! Always remember that no matter how much fun an animal seems to have playing with visitors – especially kids-wild creatures don’t understand boundaries so it’s important to keep your distance at all times.

Don’t Disturb Sleeping Creatures

There will likely be times throughout your trip where some zoo inhabitants appear fast asleep but trust us, they aren’t. In fact, if you do get too close or nudge them while trying to snap a picture of them on your phone, it can cause some serious problems for both the zoo and the creature in question. Remember that these animals are doing what comes naturally when they sleep – even though some may look very cute while doing so!

Don’t Bring in Outside Food or Drinks

All snacks and drinks must be purchased from one of the many concession stands. If you bring in outside food and drinks, they will not be allowed into the zoo. You can end up with a hefty fine if caught smuggling your own snacks or beverages inside!

Don’t Be Loud

Animals are easily frightened by loud noises such as screaming, shouting and clapping hands loudly. Keep all noise to a minimum so as not to upset them or their neighbors. Ensure kids are supervised at all times.

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