Rim of the World Highway stretches across San Bernardino County, CA. It’s a scenic drive through many mountain communities and offers spectacular views of high peaks. But there are some things you should avoid doing on this route if you want to make it home in one piece!

Don’t Ignore the Rules

This is one of the most important rules to follow on this highway. If you’re driving, always pay attention to speed limits. Don’t try to beat them because there are lots of sharp curves and steep grades that can easily cause accidents if you don’t slow down!

Don’t Drive too Slow

According to California traffic laws, drivers have two options when faced with a slow-moving vehicle on the highway. They can either pass as soon as possible or stay behind it until there is enough room to safely do so. In some cases, you might have to use both options!

Don’t Panic if You’re Stuck in Traffic

Some of those mountain communities are pretty small and not equipped with major highways that would allow for quick transportation across the state. Sometimes the Rim of the World Highway gets jammed during peak hours because people from all around California want to drive through this area at night when they get off work. It’s best just to relax and be patient, even if being stuck isn’t what you had planned for your day!

Don’t try to drive through water

This is another important rule for you to follow. If the road in front of you gets flooded with water, don’t try driving across it! You’ll risk getting your car stuck and causing more damage than good. Just wait until weather conditions change or there’s enough room for cars to pass safely before continuing on the highway again.

Don’t go out onto small bridges if they are damaged

If a bridge looks like it has been hit by an earthquake, landslides or other natural disasters, avoid going near them at all costs! Even something as minor as tire tracks can be extremely dangerous when combined with rain that washes away loose soil underneath these structures’ foundations. The results could prove deadly so do not take any chances!

These are the things you should never do on the Rim of the World Highway. If you follow all traffic rules and safety protocols, this is a very safe route with gorgeous views that everyone can enjoy during their time spent driving through it. Remember these tips to make sure your trip goes as planned!

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