What You Need to Know About Expo Park in South Dallas TX

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The expo park is located near South Dallas and it is a place where people can go to get their dose of fresh air. The expo park has many different attractions such as the botanical garden, rose garden, and sunken gardens. It also features a pond with fountains that are lit up at night. There are plenty of benches for visitors to enjoy this beautiful space while they chat or read a book.


This park was opened to the public in 1936 and it was used as a place for people to go during World War II. People also came here after they were forced out of their homes because of all the damage that had been done by the war. One large attraction is one of Mexico’s oldest cemeteries, which includes many famous figures such as General Antonio de Santa Anna who helped Texas gain its independence from Mexico.

One thing visitors need to be aware of this park is that there are no bathrooms available so make sure you use any bathroom before going on your trip! Another advice we can offer future visitors would be to bring plenty of water since this area does not have many drinking fountains or food stands around. The best time for people who want to go to the park is during the early morning hours since there will be fewer people and it gives visitors a chance to see all of its beauty before everyone else does.

Things to do

There are many things to do at this park such as visiting the sunken gardens, horticulture building, and greenhouse. There are also many different types of plants at this place so visitors will be able to see all kinds of vegetation which include cacti.

The best way for you to soak up all that nature has to offer is by taking a nice walk around the expo park since there are many trails leading into other paths where you can explore more things about this beautiful space! This would be perfect if it’s your first time going here because then you won’t get lost or forget how to go back home after finishing exploring!

Tips for Visiting

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes since you will be walking around the park for a while!
Make sure to bring plenty of water with you since there are not many places that offer drinking fountains or food stands.
Bring any snacks or lunch that you plan on having because this place does not have too much in terms of dining options.
Don’t forget your camera so you can take pictures along the way and capture all your memories during your trip!

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