Belmont Heights is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Long Beach. It’s close proximity to the beach, parks, and other amenities makes it a great place for families with children. The schools are excellent too, which is perfect for young families looking to purchase their first home. If you’re considering living in Belmont Heights or want more information about the area before making your decision, keep reading!


There are different housing options available in Belmont Heights, from small single-family homes to larger houses with attached guesthouses. The average size of a home is about 1400 square feet and they range between 1300 – 1800 square feet on the market today. You’ll also find condos for sale if you want more of a condo lifestyle or don’t have enough space at your home for a guesthouse.

Location & Amenities

Belmont Heights is centrally located in Long Beach, which means it’s only minutes away from the beach and other amenities you’ll need while living here. The neighborhood has easy access to freeways, public transportation, shopping centers, churches, and schools. In fact, there are nearly 100 restaurants within a one-mile radius of Belmont Heights! There are several parks nearby as well that offer great places to take your children on sunny days including Parker Playground and George Fonda Pool Park. You can also visit Queen Mary Seaport or Aquarium, both just ten minutes away by car.


This neighborhood is very safe, but it’s always best to do some research before moving into a new neighborhood. One way you can find out more about the safety of Belmont Heights is by reading reviews from residents who have lived here for several years. You should also get in touch with your local police department or Long Beach City Hall to inquire how crime rates are in this area over time. It’s important that once you move into the community, you stay abreast of any crimes happening nearby so everyone stays aware and alert when they’re out walking their dog or children after dark!

Cost of Living

Belmont Heights has one of the lowest cost-of-living indexes around Long Beach which makes it affordable if you’re looking for a place close to the beach for a good price. The median home value is $710,000 so it’s not cheap but you’ll have plenty of amenities nearby to enjoy during your stay here!


If you’re looking for an affordable neighborhood near the beach with excellent schools and easy access to public transportation, Belmont Heights could be just what you need. Living in this area will give you quick access to activities within Long Beach as well as close proximity to Los Angeles without paying too much money each month on housing costs or rent.

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