Bolsa Chica State Beach is an unspoiled, natural coastal gem in Southern California. It has a rich history and offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s also one of the few remaining habitats for the endangered Western Snowy Plover bird. This makes it a perfect place to go if you’re looking for your “happily ever after.” Come explore this hidden treasure!

Some of the reasons why this beach should be at the top of your “romantic destinations” list include:

Lots of Activities

There are plenty of things to do at Bolsa Chica. You can go biking or hiking on its trails, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) in the water, surfing, and more! A lot of people like watching the sunset here because it’s one of those places where you’ll really enjoy taking pictures with your partner.

There are also other things to do if you’re not into outdoor activities. You can enjoy a romantic stroll along the boardwalk, watch live performances by world-renowned artists at The Bandshell or attend one of their events and festivals, go shopping at any of its art galleries and boutiques, etc!

Close Accessibility from Orange County

Another great thing about going on a honeymoon in Bolsa Chica is how accessible it is for people who are staying in places like Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach – two of California’s most famous beach towns. In fact, there are plenty of transportation options available between these cities that make travelling here pretty easy! It has an Amtrak Station as well as bus stops where you take lines from Los Angeles, Anaheim, or Irvine.

That’s not all! You can also take the Metro Blue Line to Long Beach Transit Mall which is just about a mile away from Bolsa Chica State Beach. From there, you have access to buses that go around Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach so no need for an Uber if you don’t want one.

Expansive Views of the Pacific Ocean  

Bolsa Chica has expansive views of the pacific ocean – something most people who are looking for in their “romantic destinations.” You can see the sun rise and set over the horizon. The sunset is absolutely gorgeous here! It gives you that romantic feeling of cuddling up on a warm blanket while enjoying sips of your favorite beverage as you watch it go down for another day.

There are also areas where you get to enjoy full views of the ocean like at Bolsa Chica State Beach’s Overlook area or Huntington City Pier. You can take your time to explore the area at these points and you’ll never get tired of taking pictures every minute!

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