Fairytale Town, a theme park in Sacramento, CA area, is designed for kids. There are more than 20 rides and attractions that will delight any kid – even the ones who don’t like to ride roller coasters! If you’re looking for a safe place to take your children this summer, Fairytale Town has it all from princess makeovers to animal petting zoos and an indoor waterpark.

It’s Fun

This place is pure fun for kids. There are endless activities to keep them entertained, including water rides and carnival games. It’s also a great place to make memories with your kids while giving you some time for yourself!

It’s Safe

Fairytale Town is safe because it has an age limit on all of the attractions. No child under 42″ is allowed to ride the roller coasters, so you don’t have to worry about your little one is in danger. The park also has trained staff members who are always ready for anything that may happen during the day. In addition to that, there is always someone watching over the kids to make sure they don’t get lost.

Life Lessons

Kids will learn to share, work as a team and enjoy the outdoors. Fairytale Town has an animal petting zoo where kids can interact with animals like goats and bunnies. Also, they can dress up as their favorite princess or prince and get their hair done in the Fairytale Town Salon.

It’s Educational

If you want an educational experience while having fun with your kids, Fairytale Town is a great option! There will be live entertainment every weekend at the Royal Theatre where they’ll see princesses and knights perform on stage. You can even catch them meeting their favorite characters! Kids love this place because it provides hours of entertaining activities all under one roof – making it easy (and safe) for parents like you to enjoy quality time together too!

It a Social Place

Kids interact with other kids all day long at Fairytale Town, which is a great way to build their confidence and social skills. They’ll also learn how to share with others as they take turns going down rides together.

Fairytale Town has an amazing variety of activities designed for children ages three through thirteen years old. It’s not only safe but it will create memorable moments that you can cherish forever! Don’t wait another minute – plan your trip today!

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