Why Kids Love the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden, Cape Coral, FL 33914

image by capecorallivingmagazine.com

When you think about a butterfly garden, do you think of sunshine and happy children chasing butterflies? This is the atmosphere at the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden in Cape Coral, FL 33914. Located on a small patch of land near North Fort Myers High School, this one-of-a-kind garden provides not only beauty but educational opportunities to the community.

Children love this place because:

It is Exciting!

The garden is designed for children to be able to physically interact with the butterflies. Also, there is a small pond that the butterflies love to drink from.

There are so many!

No matter what time of year you come, it seems as though hundreds and hundreds of butterflies fill the garden. The variety in species makes it fun for children because they can see different colors and patterns all around them.

It is Beautiful!

The garden has many flowers, plants, and trees that are native to Florida, providing an opportunity for kids to learn about nature in a practical way. It also includes several art installations created by students who have passed through this community education program over the years. The butterfly garden was started by artist Tom Allen in 2001, when he built it on his own property before donating it as a memorial after his death in 2012.

It is a Social Place

This garden is a place where children and adults can connect with each other, share stories of their lives and learn from one another. Also, children can see butterflies and insects up close, encouraging them to love the nature they live in.

It is Educational!

The garden provides educational resources for teachers in the community who want to teach about butterflies or pollination through art, science lessons, and field trips. The Butterfly Garden also offers workshops on butterfly gardening throughout the year so that people can create these habitats at home by planting milkweed (the plant they feed on) among their flowers beds.

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