Model City, Miami FL

If you’re a parent and are looking for an amazing place to raise your family, look no further than Model City, Miami, Florida area! This wonderful community is perfect for families of all sizes and shapes. There are plenty of activities and events to keep the little ones busy, while parents can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet. Here are just a few reasons why Model City is the best place to live with kids!

The Fun

This neighborhood is home to a wide variety of fun activities for children. There are many playgrounds, splash pads, and parks where kids can run around in the sunshine! The community also hosts an annual Easter egg hunt and Halloween party that bring out hundreds of families looking to spend quality time together while enjoying the beautiful weather we have here year-round.

The Education

Model City has its own school district, which means your child will get an education from some of the best teachers in Miami! In addition to public schools like Model Elementary School or Model High School, there’s also a private preschool called Coney Island Preschool or Kiddy Corner Daycare Center if you’d rather not send them off into kindergarten just yet…

The Safety

This neighborhood is one of the safest in Miami! In fact, there have been zero murders or armed robberies within city limits since 2005 (and those were both domestic incidents). The crime rate here is also significantly lower than most areas surrounding it: just 0.02% compared to California’s average at 11%.

The Relaxation

Model City offers its residents respite from their busy lives with a number of different amenities including parks and beaches. There are also several swimming pools located throughout this area where kids can go for some fun in the sun while Mom takes care of household chores during naptime! If you’re looking to relax after spending time outside, head over to our local library which has everything from fiction novels about dragons battling wizards on Mars’ moons to nonfiction books about how different cultures celebrate holidays around the world.

The Community

Model City is a tight-knit community that wants to help each other out! There’s an annual block party where all of your neighbors come together for food, music and games while their kids have fun playing with one another. The neighborhood also hosts regular potlucks so residents can get to know each other over tasty homemade dishes like chicken curry or potato salad.

When you live here, there’s always someone nearby who will lend you a hand if needed whether it’s helping move furniture into your new home or babysitting during work hours when both parents need some time off from parenting duties.

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