Retirement is an exciting time in life, but it can also be a difficult transition. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect place for retirement, and Devore Heights, which is situated near San Bernardino, has everything you need!

Devore Heights offers some of the best amenities that retirees could ask for including:

Assisted Living Homes

For those who need a little help around the house, there are three different styles of assisted living built for seniors. Each one is equipped with certain amenities and services designed to make residents feel safe and secure. There’s even an on-site nurse and doctor available 24/hrs a day.

Parks & Playgrounds

For those who want to stay active and play a little, Devore Heights has many parks that offer them all the fun they need. There are also many playgrounds so the little ones can enjoy themselves too!

Community Spirit

It’s an incredible feeling, knowing you are actually a part of a friendly community! At Devore Heights there is always someone to talk to and lots of activities that anyone can enjoy.

Services & Amenities

Not only will residents find all the comforts they need in one location at Devore Heights, but they also have access to countless services including transportation assistance, housekeeping service, pet grooming for cats or dogs, spiritual support services like yoga classes or massages if desired. Plus many more! Depending on your interests and needs it may be helpful for you to speak with our staff about what else we can provide upon move-in.

Outdoor Activities

Let’s face it—we live in beautiful California! And Devore Heights makes the most of it by offering outdoor activities all year round. There are many community events that take place outdoors, and residents have access to swimming pools, hiking trails, exercise classes, or even bingo nights if they enjoy them!


With all the amenities available at Devore Heights, it’s no wonder that living here is incredibly affordable. There are several different room types to choose from in order to fit your budget and lifestyle preferences. For example, studios start as low as $1700/mo; one-bedrooms can be found for around $2000-2500/mo; two-bedroom units average about $3000/mo; three-bedroom apartments go for an average of $4500+ depending on features like view or balcony sizes, etc. At every level residents have access to a host of services including housekeeping service, transportation assistance, daily food delivery service (if desired), priority seating during dining hours if you enjoy group meals with other residents, and more!

There is certainly something for everyone at Devore Heights, and there’s no better time than now to check out these newly-renovated homes with built-in accessibility! There are many different styles of homes to choose from, so take a look at the Devore Heights model center today.

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