Retirees in Oakland, CA, love Rockridge. This neighborhood has a reputation for being family-friendly and home to some of the best restaurants and shopping in town. But what makes this area so desirable for retirees? We’ll explore the reasons you should consider retiring here!

Well Connected by Public Transport

Rockridge is conveniently located near a number of bus stops, and residents can easily take the AC Transit to BART. In fact, Rockridge Station is just one block away from this neighborhood!

Convenience & Proximity

Retirees enjoy being close to downtown Oakland where they have access to professional sports teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Raiders. Rockridge is also home to many excellent restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment venues!

Affordability & Great Schools

As a result of being adjacent to downtown Oakland, this neighborhood has exceptionally high real estate prices that are comparable with those in San Francisco. The good news for retirees is that there are still plenty of homes available at an affordable price so you can live comfortably here even on a fixed income. With regards to education, Rockridge residents enjoy access to some of the best public schools in California including Chabot Elementary School which consistently ranks among the top ten elementary schools within Oakland Unified School District!

All-Around Value

Rockridge offers great value – it’s conveniently located near BART yet close enough to reach San Francisco in less than 30 minutes, there are excellent schools and it’s also affordable. If you’re looking for a great place to retire where you can live without breaking the bank, Rockridge is just what you need!

Different Home Options

Rockridge offers different types of homes for retirees. For example, some residents choose to rent! Other options include condos and single-family houses near Rockridge Station. Find your new home in Oakland today!

Healthcare is Available

There are several hospitals in Oakland as well as a number of clinics and other healthcare facilities which make it easy for residents to access medical care. In fact, Kaiser Permanente’s Rockridge Medical Center is located right in the center of this neighborhood!

Great Weather & Beautiful Parks

Oakland gets around 279 sunny days each year with an average temperature range between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it perfect weather to enjoy all that this area has to offer including walking trails at Lake Merritt or Joaquin Miller Park where you can see wonderful views of Mount Tamalpais, San Francisco Bay, and more!

Retirees love the good value that comes with living in Rockridge where they can enjoy an excellent quality of life on a fixed income without breaking the bank when it comes time to retire. Whether you’re looking for rental properties or are interested in purchasing a condo or single-family house close to BART, this neighborhood is perfect if you want access to downtown Oakland at an affordable price while enjoying top-notch schools and entertainment venues nearby too. With so much going for it, why not consider retiring here?

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