Are you looking for a fun and educational activity to do with your children? If so, then the Riverside Metropolitan Museum is an excellent place to visit. The museum features hands-on exhibits that are perfect for kids of all ages, including toddlers. There are also interactive displays throughout the museum that will engage young minds in learning about art history.

This museum opened its doors for the first time back in 1954 and features numerous exhibits that celebrate California’s history throughout various eras including ancient civilizations through modern-day times. The current collection at the museum includes over 13,000 works of art across many different categories including painting, drawing, illustration, media arts, and more.

Some of the reasons to bring kids here include:

Fun and Educational

This is a great place to visit with children because there is so much to learn and do here! The museum features numerous kid-friendly activities such as art projects, treasure hunts, and scavenger hunts.

Easy to Get To

This museum is located conveniently on the corner of Mission Inn Avenue and Market Street in Downtown Riverside, California. It can be reached by car or public transportation such as a bus or train. Visitors traveling from out-of-town will want to book their hotel near this location ahead of time so they can enjoy all it has to offer right away!

Guided Tours

Kids enjoy having fun activities to do, but they also enjoy spending time with their families. That is why guided tours are available every day of the week at this museum for visitors that want to learn more about art history in California or would simply like professional advice on which exhibits are best suited for each age group.


This is a great place to visit with kids because the museum is affordable. Admission starts at just $12 for adults and children are free! It’s the perfect place to take the entire family on a budget.

The best part about bringing kids here is that they will have so much fun learning more about art history and California’s rich past throughout various eras of time! The museum features numerous interactive exhibits for young minds to explore including ancient civilizations, natural disasters, modern-day times and even an Old Town homesteader cabin where visitors can learn what life was like back in 1873.

There are also hands-on activities such as painting with watercolors or creating pottery objects using clay. Visitors may want to bring their swimsuits because there is even a splash pad outside where children can cool off during hot summer months. Parents looking for quality entertainment for their little ones won’t be disappointed at this amazing museum!


Things to do in Riverside

Riverside is a great place to live and visit. From the Arts District in Downtown to the iconic Memorial Park that spans over 100 acres, there’s always something going on in Riverside. Whether you’re looking for an event or just want to enjoy some time outdoors with your family, here are 10 things you can do when visiting this neighborhood:

Visit The Living Desert Zoo

This zoo is one of the best in California, and it’s open year-round. Go on an African safari to visit lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, and more while learning about these animals’ habitats across the globe! In addition to the zoo, there is also a botanical garden and aquarium. And if you want to stay for dinner, stop by Oasis on the Park restaurant at The Living Desert: they serve organic food and their vegan options are great!

Breakfast Tacos At El Taco Express

El Taco Express has many locations throughout Riverside; we recommend visiting one of them during your visit. Try out some breakfast tacos with eggs and chorizo (with or without cheese), as well as delicious enchiladas that will really hit the spot! They have both indoor seating and take-out service available so you can enjoy these tasty tacos anywhere in town.

Ride An Old School Bus To Madhouse Comedy Club

Madhouse Comedy club offers stand-up comedy performances every weekend. The club is inside of an old school bus, and the comedians perform on a stage in front of all the seats. This place is great for people who love to laugh and enjoy some drinks with friends!

Visit Historic Mission Inn

This hotel was opened over 100 years ago by Frank Miller, and it’s still open today as one of Riverside’s most popular places to stay while visiting. With its Victorian design style, elegant décor, and comfortable beds inside each room, you’ll feel like you’re staying at your grandparents’ house when you come here! There are also many restaurants nearby so if you want to get breakfast or dinner before heading back home, there will be options within walking distance from your hotel room.

Take A Cooking Class At The Farm To Table Kitchen

The Farm to Table Kitchen in downtown Riverside provides cooking classes for beginners and experts alike! Their staff is friendly and they offer a variety of different culinary courses with high-quality ingredients that will teach you how to cook delicious recipes from all around the world, such as Mexican mole sauce or creme brulee. Come here on your next trip for an unforgettable experience in food preparation!

Things to do in Castle Park in Riverside
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