Why Shop at the Farmers Market near Cape Coral

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The Farmer’s Market near Cape Coral is a great place to buy fresh, locally grown produce. It can be hard to find good quality produce in the grocery store these days. If you want to know where your food comes from or support local farmers then this is the place for you!

Some of the reasons to shop here include:

It’s Fun!

This market is a great place to spend time with family and friends. You can talk about your day, catch up on news or discover new things together.

It’s Healthy!

The food at the Farmer’s Market is generally more healthy than store-bought produce because it doesn’t go through as many processes (which usually depletes some of the nutrients). It also contains fewer pesticides which means it’s better for you and for our planet too!

You’re supporting Local Businesses!

The Farmer’s Market is a great place to buy locally grown produce. If you want to know where your food comes from or support local farmers then this the place for you!

This market gives small business owners an opportunity to sell their products directly to consumers. This helps them stay competitive in this tough economy while helping local families earn extra income that they might not otherwise have had access to. Plus, most of these businesses are committed to sustainable practices so buyin fromg them is helping out our planet too!

It’s Delicious!

Produce fresh picked with all its flavor intact tastes better than anything that has been shipped across the country and/or hidden in storage or behind some plastic wrap at the grocery store. You might be surprised by how much difference it makes when you taste something freshly harvested vs. what’s available year-round now, even if it’s organic.

There are Restaurants Around!

If you don’t want to cook or just need a quick bite there are plenty of restaurants around the market that sell fresh, healthy food. They even have special menus for lunch during Farmer’s Market days so you can get your fill!

There is Parking Nearby!

Most of the Farmer’s Market is located downtown which means you can park under a bridge and walk to your car when it’s time to go. This makes shopping easy for everyone – including families with small children or people that might be disabled!

It’s Cheap!

You don’t have to pay exorbitant prices just because you’re buying organic foods grown locally. You’ll find many cases where produce at this market costs less than what you would buy in the grocery store, especially if they are able to work out bulk deals with local farmers. Even better? Sometimes there are even coupons available so check before you leave home!

There are Craft Vendors Too!

If food isn’t your thing then consider checking out some of the craft vendors. You might be surprised by what you find! From pottery and woodwork to paintings, crafts, and handmade jewelry there is always something new at this market.

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