The Jungle Cruise in Anaheim, California area is one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland. It has been around since 1955 and it has never lost its charm! Along with all of the fun things to see and do on this ride, you will also be learning a lot about African animals.

There are many reasons why you should check out this attraction including:

It Is Fun

This is one of the funniest attractions at Disneyland. It is great for people of all ages and it never gets old! The skippers are always changing things up so you will see something new each time that you ride Jungle Cruise.

At this attraction, there are over one hundred hidden Mickeys throughout the show scenes. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as these Mickey heads can be found everywhere from paintings to statues! As if seeing dozens of hidden Mickeys isn’t enough, you might also get a chance to meet Goofy or Donald Duck while riding on Jungle Cruise!

The Cast Members working on this ride go above and beyond in order to make every guest’s experience memorable. They take their jobs seriously and do everything they can in order to make sure that you are having a great time.

It Is Educational

Disneyland is the perfect place to bring your kids and learn about animals at the same time! The Jungle Cruise does an excellent job of providing guests with information about different species from all over Africa. One example of this would be when they talk about hippos – did you know their closest living relatives are whales? Or, if you were wondering why it’s called “Jungle Cruise” there really was such a thing as a jungle cruise where people could go on tours deep into parts unknown by navigating rivers in places like Congo!

The Cast Members who work on this ride will often share fun facts throughout your journey to help teach everyone something new along the way! You can also ask them questions and they will answer as many of them as possible.

It Is Full Of Surprises!

The Jungle Cruise is full of surprises – especially if you like things that go bump in the night! One moment you’re looking at a beautiful sunset and the next minute there are hundreds of bats flying over your head or monkeys swinging from trees trying to steal your belongings. There are also lots of other fun effects such as hippos snorting water, elephants trumpeting their arrival, and even some special lighting where it appears like alligators swimming around you (it looks really cool but we don’t recommend sticking your hand inside one).

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