Why take Kids to Adventure Landing, South Jacksonville, FL 32250

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Are you looking for a place in South Jacksonville, FL 32250 to take the kids where they can have fun, enjoy themselves, and be active? If so, then Adventure Landing is the perfect destination. You will find rides for all ages, water slides that are just right for little ones, and even some more grown-up attractions if your children are old enough. There’s something here that everyone in your family will enjoy!

Some of the activities here include:

Playing Miniature Golf

This is a great activity for the family to enjoy together. Many people don’t know that minigolf is actually quite challenging, even though it seems like a game that’s easy enough for anyone to play! If you love this sport then head over and prepare to have fun on one of our two courses.

Riding Go-Karts

Are you ready for some friendly competition? Do your children want an opportunity to race their friends around in circles? Then come ride with us at Adventure Landing. You’ll find karts here suitable both kids and adults so everyone can join in on the excitement!

You will also find water slides here which are perfect if it’s hot out or simply raining outside – no matter what Mother Nature has planned, there are always ways to stay cool at Adventure Landing!

Also, don’t forget that you can book birthday parties here. Kids love celebrating their special day with us and parents appreciate being able to relax while the staff at Adventure Landing takes care of everything!

3D Max Flight Simulator

This simulator is one of the most popular activities here. You will have a blast pretending you are in an airplane, flying high above Adventure Landing! Your children can even take turns being the pilot while everyone else watches with excitement from inside the plane’s cabin. This is something that kids absolutely love and parents get to sit back for once – it doesn’t get better than that!

Wacky Worm roller-coaster

This is a great ride for kids who aren’t quite old enough to handle one of the larger roller-coasters. It’s not too fast, and it won’t go upside down like many others in theme parks do – instead, this is just right for little ones!

These are some activities that you may want to take your child on while they’re here. If none of these seem appealing, don’t worry because there are still plenty more rides available such as bumper cars, Ferris wheels and so much more! Adventure Landing has something fun for everyone.

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