Why Visit IMAG History & Science Center in Fort Myers 33916

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IMAG History & Science Center is a place of wonder, discovery, and education. With the largest IMAX screen in Florida, there are always new stories to explore. Explore what ancient civilizations used to live on Earth with our 3D theater or take an adventure through time at our Gator Time Theater. IMAG’s interactive exhibits allow you to see how science affects your daily life!

Some of the reasons you should come to this place include:

It’s Educative

In this center, you will learn a lot of new things and can also interact with various exhibits. Also, you can enjoy the IMAX film and other documentaries in this center.

Its Interactive Exhibits

If you want to learn about science, then IMAG is a great place for that because it has interactive exhibits which help people understand how science affects their daily life. Whether it’s making your own ice cream or learning more about our planet, there are a lot of things to do here!

The Center also Offers an Event Space so You Can Host Parties Here too

The event space at this location offers various packages so if you want to host parties such as birthday events, corporate meetings, etc., they have options available for all types of groups. So don’t wait any longer and come visit today if your in Fort Myers 33916!

It Is Full Of History

This center is full of history which was built in the year 1966. This place has many interactive features that allow visitors to discover more about this place’s past, present and future!

You Can Also Take A Trip Through Time

If you are interested in history, then this is a great place for that! You can take a trip through time and explore the past of Cape Coral. It has various exhibits that allow visitors to learn more about what used to happen here before it became modernized

There Are Many Food Options At The Center Too And A Fun Atmosphere To Enjoy While Learning More About History

At IMAG there are many food options available so if you want some snacks or drinks while learning new things, they have something for everyone’s needs. Also, its pretty fun too because of all the interactive features it offers which makes learning enjoyable!

It Has Great Customer Service And Is Clean Too So You Don’t Have To Worry About That

This center has great customer service and is also very clean! You don’t have to worry about bringing your kids because they will be entertained with all the various activities available.

Its Also Affordable Too

It doesn’t cost a lot of money either so you can visit this place often without worrying about spending too much. So what are you waiting for? Visit IMAG History & Science Center today!

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