Knott’s Soak City is a water park in Long Beach, California. It features many exciting attractions for both young and old visitors alike. Whether you’re looking for a wet and wild adventure with your friends or just want to relax by the poolside, Knott’s has got something for everyone! In this blog post we will be highlighting some of the reasons why you should visit Knott’s Soak City today!

Family Fun

This is the perfect place for a day out with your family. There are rides that will appeal to both adults and children, so you’ll all have fun! The wave pool is especially popular with younger kids since it’s shallow enough for them to touch the ground when they stand in the middle of it. Of course, there are also thrill rides if you want to make your day more exciting.

Space Mountain is a great option for thrill-seekers, especially if you’re visiting with younger children who might not be up for the extreme ride that it offers. Those brave enough will take on twists and turns in complete darkness! There’s also Splash Harbor which is perfect for all ages since there are no big drops or high speeds like other rides. The beauty of this one though is that you get wet so prepare yourself ahead of time!

Water Park Attractions

This park is perfect for those who aren’t too keen on thrill rides. There are many different slides to choose from, so you can pick which one suits your comfort level best! The Lazy River ride will take you along a relaxing path with beautiful views of the park and surrounding areas. You’ll get to relax while being gently carried by flowing water through twists and turns that will leave you feeling rejuvenated when it’s over!

The Surf Hill Wave Pool lets visitors swim in an area where waves are created at regular intervals throughout the day. It might seem like work but don’t worry-you won’t have to kick or paddle since the current does all the hard work for you! Just make sure not to go during peak hours because then there could be a long wait for the waves.

Accessible Amenities

For those with accessibility needs, there are specific areas in the park that meet their requirements. The Coral Reef Lounge is perfect for people who need to sit down and rest at regular intervals throughout the day. There’s also wheelchair-accessible parking if you don’t want to walk far or wait long periods of time before being able to reach your destination! This means no matter what your situation this water park has got something for everyone so come on over today.

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