The California State Capitol Museum is a fun and educational way to spend time with your family. The exhibits inside the museum explore the history of California and Sacramento, as well as current issues that affect our state today. You can’t go wrong bringing kids to this location!

Fun & Exciting

This area is full of exhibits that are fun and exciting for kids. There is a replica train caboose, an airplane propeller on the ceiling, fossils, rocks from mines all over California. In addition, there is a replica of the “Golden Lady” statue that stands in front of the California State Capitol building. Kids will love feeling like they are inside this beautiful and famous landmark!

Learn About History & Current Issues

The museum offers visitors an opportunity to explore exhibits about various topics, including the Sacramento River area, gold discovery, state government structure and process, and art. The current exhibit at the time I visited was on water conservation efforts throughout history. This topic really resonated with me since we live in such a dry climate (and because my son plays video games all day long) but it also helped me teach him more about how precious our natural resources truly are.


There are also many great educational opportunities in this place as well!  You can learn about minerals found in our state through interactive displays or by touring the mining exhibit. You can go behind the scenes to see where politicians work at Sacramento’s Capitol Building when they’re not working inside their actual offices

Clean & Safe Location

This museum has been awarded “Best Family Museum” multiple times because it is such a clean and safe location. It’s great for kids of all ages and going here will give you a chance to talk about state history in depth without having to take a long car ride.

Make New Friends

Kids get to meet other kids here and make new friends too. There are always groups of children running around, playing games together or working on a project so your child will fit right in from the start!

Lots of Things to do

There is so much to do and see over at the California State Capitol Museum with kids! So if you’re looking for a fun, educational activity in Sacramento, consider going here.

There are many great reasons why taking your kids to visit the California State Capitol Museum would be beneficial for them as well as rewarding for you!

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