What Gear Should You Get If You Are in the Wood Processing Business?

The wood processing business is one of the trades humans learned at the beginning of our civilization. It seems that we humans are keen on creating and making things out of wood. Whether you are making a home or a statue, wood has always been one of the favorite materials available in nature to work with. Nowadays, trade has come a long way as we started manufacturing on a much larger scale. To avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries, the industry came up with a variety of protective gear, and in an attempt to make the job much easier for the common working man, a variety of tools exists as well. If you are a rookie without a clue what tools to use and how to protect yourself, here we’ll discuss the items you must have.

Safety first

Our concentration levels drop after a certain period, meaning the chances of injuries are much higher. Even experienced men are at risk no matter how long they’ve been working. The standard protective gear for you and your employees (or PPT in short), implies safety glasses made of special fiberglass material protecting the eyes from shrapnel and pieces of flying wood. Safety gloves are made from synthetic fiber threads and they stop the chainsaw in case of direct contact by intertwining around the saw like a spider’s web. Other tools include protective pants made out of the same material, a helmet, and a mask in case you are working in a closed space with a lot of sawdust around. These rules apply to the workers and employers as well, with specific instructions on how to act in case of a fire or any other accident. PPT has saved lives in the past and therefore is at the top of the list.

Now the Tools

A standard tool in the wood industry, whether you are working on a larger scale or individually, is the electric chainsaw. The thing with chainsaws is maneuverability and mobility. Chainsaws generally help you prepare the log before putting them into the machine, by cutting corks and knots out of the log. They are useful while gathering the raw material in the woods and fortunately are now available with many new features. If you feel a bit lost, ask anyone with a bit of experience what are the best electric chainsaws currently on the market, and they’ll tell you the 12-inch cordless chainsaw, like the Black+Decker, with a 40V Lithium-ion battery. This bad boy allows for longer working hours without trouble. Its counterpart, the Makita, is a bit different and is more of a sports tool. It is great for recreational purposes and those who love to cut wood for sports, as it is lightweight and easy to carry around. It has an automatic chain oiling system and durability.

Of course, there are heavy-duty electric chainsaws that come with an 18-inch bar perfect for going longer hours and cutting through thicker branches and wood. One interesting feature these chainsaws have, such as the Oregon CS1500, is the self-sharpening feature. This saves a lot of your time and has become a favorite among all the others.

The difference between the longer and shorter chainsaw bars mainly comes down to the job, whether you use it for heavy jobs or more fine work. This crucial tool item is a must, the only question remaining is for what exactly do you need it. Do not worry as there is something suiting everyone’s needs. 


Of course, for adequately processing wood, you’ll need a big saw to finish the job. Chainsaws are mobile and useful for the fine work and preparing the timber before getting through the machines. But for cutting down large pieces of wood, you’ll need an old school saw. The dangers it comes with are amongst others, the risk of the blade breaking in half, which could cause life-threatening injuries. The trick to staying safe is choosing the right blade for the job. Also, knives for the industry will come in handy. For example, pressure bars, and slicing and peeling knives are making the job much easier and effective.

Drills, Screw Guns, and Workbench

This should go without saying, but a drill and screw gun are essential tools in the wood processing business. The tasks you can finish go from making joints to tightening to planks together. Other than these items, some honorable mention goes to the electric sanders as it makes, removing the rough surface of the wood. A proper working bench is needed, for better positioning yourself and your tools while working, and sawhorses as well. This has proven to be quite practical as it allows for more precision during cutting and is much safer as you can distance yourself safely from the wood.

All the above mentioned are some essential tips and very well-known things you should have in mind while getting into the wood industry. Investing in your tools is never a waste of money as it saves you time and money in the long run. Most of these items are long-lasting one-time investments paying off richly.



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