Fiesta Village Family Fun Park in San Bernardino, California area is a great place to take the kids for an afternoon of fun. With plenty of rides and attractions available, it’s hard not to find something that suits everyone. There are games and activities galore, plus delicious food at their restaurants! That said, here are some tips on what you can do when you visit Fiesta Village with your children:

Ride Roller Coaster

There are many roller coasters at Fiesta Village, including the popular Roller Coaster. This wooden coaster has two drops and is an ideal ride for kids that are older than four years old. Also, there is the Bumper Car ride which allows riders to bump each other around an enclosed track.

Hiking Trails

There are many hiking trails to take advantage of at Fiesta Village. You can hike through the mountains or along a misty trail that offers some gorgeous views! This is a great way for you and your kids to get some fresh air while exercising together. There’s no better sight than seeing them smile as they complete their first mountain climb!

Visit The Zoo

The Animal Park isn’t just about animals, this area also has an array of plants that will teach children all there is to know about nature! In addition, there are different animal enclosures where visitors can meet various species including monkeys and tigers. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside or not because inside these areas have been designed with both adults and children in mind. So, there’s no reason to worry about the weather!

Games Galore!

Every kid loves a good game, and you’ll find plenty at Fiesta Village! From shooting games where players can win stuffed animals or large candy bars to balloon-popping games with prizes for everyone who participates, it’s easy to have fun while winning goodies. You can also play Lazer Tag inside one of their two arenas; we recommend this as a great way for older kids (over seven years old) and teens to enjoy themselves without rides getting in the way.

Food makes everything better… right!?

No visit would be complete without stopping by some of the on-site restaurants that serve delicious food like pizza, buffalo wings, slushies, and more. So don’t miss out!

There are so many fun things to do at Fiesta Village with Kids in San Bernardino that you’ll want to head back again soon for another great day of family fun together. Just remember, the earlier in your visit you can get there, the better chance you have of avoiding long lines, especially if it’s a weekend or during school hours when kids are getting out early. You won’t be disappointed by anything offered here – trust us!

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