Generator Buying Guide: Finding A Great Deal With The Right Specifications

There are different kinds of generators, it all depends on what you need them for. If it’s your first time buying, it can be a bit daunting – it’s a large investment, and you want to make it right, regardless if it’s for professional use or not. But not a lot of people know how and where to look for – how do you even start looking for the exact type of generator? Here is an easy generator buying guide that can tell you just that!


Depending on what kind of things you are looking to power up with your generator, it will tell you what specifications to look for. Start from the basics, like the size of the item you’ll need to power up – is it a computer? A refrigerator? Or something way larger than that? This will also tell you how powerful you’ll need to go – or in other words, how high of a voltage you are looking for. Obviously, generators are usually used on a larger scale, so you’ll need to find an appropriate one to cover as much ground as possible – and the size of the property will definitely tell you this. Also, don’t forget to consider what devices are always working and turned on, and how many are used in moderation.

Types of generators

There are a few types of generators, apart from the differences in voltage, there is also the difference in mobility. There are portable generators and home standby generators. Both of them have their own purpose, as well as various pros and cons on why you should get one over the other – again it comes down to the purpose of the generator in the first place. A non-portable generator can seamlessly start working as soon as a power outage happens – ensuring that your life continues going smoothly, but the downside is that they cost more and that they need to be installed by a professional. On the other hand, portable generators are great if you have a large property and want to move the generator according to your needs – but they are strictly meant to work for outside spaces, Again, it all depends on what you need the most at the end of the day. 


Just like any other gadget, some generators have specific features, whilst others don’t. It’s important to differentiate what those features are and how useful they can be for your day-to-day life. It’s important to look at multiple aspects at once, a quiet generator will save you and your neighbors from the continuous noise, but it’s also important if they get the job done! Whilst features like this can truly be a blessing, it’s important to look at the overall picture and choose something that you can truly make the best of. Consider all the possibilities and all the things you’d like from your chosen generator!


Safety is key when investing in something like a generator – you want to find the best of the best. There are lots of ways that a machine like that can become potentially dangerous, so it’s important to consider those aspects as well. How is the generator secured? How will that protect you from potential danger? That’s why there are certain tests and regulations meant to ensure your safety and to limit the risk of potential danger. So it’s important to only buy tested and approved generators, to begin with. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

Additional things

Only buy from reputable and well-known sellers, preferably from large manufacturers. This is all to prevent any kind of scams, especially if you want to get a new generator and not something second-hand. Having a good, trustworthy generator is key, especially during power outages and difficult times, as you’ll need as much use as you can get. The worst place you can look for is flea markets and Craigslist, as those places won’t guarantee that the generator has all the needed specifications, and it definitely won’t guarantee your safety. So it’s best to spend a bit more money on something that you truly need than to gamble with your luck in order to save money!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you need and expect from the generator – as there are lots of types that offer different kinds of things. So it’s important to have an exact list of everything you are looking for in order to find the right kind of generator for you! And as long as you are looking through reputable sources, you can’t go wrong!

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