Hidden Gems in Albuquerque

Finally, you have made up your mind to visit Albuquerque, New Mexico. Without a doubt, this is the ideal place for your vacation.

You remembered to carry your guidebook, and it has a list of all the places you need to visit throughout your holiday.

But in every place you visit, you notice that there are hundreds or even thousands of people. With such human traffic, you are assured that your vacation is ruined. You will not enjoy the city as you had anticipated.

Well, you spent a lot of time, energy, and money coming to this city, and you cannot afford to turn back and look for another destination.

Luckily, there are many hidden gems in the city. There are destinations that offer visitors with the best they can find, but they have not been explored yet.

It’s time to throw your guidebook in the trash can and uncover the hidden secrets of this city. Read on!

Hike to a plane crash

The TWA flight 260, a routine flight in Albuquerque turned fatal in 1955 after takeoff. It crashed into the Sandia Mountains and killed everyone on board.

Despite its tragic past, this site has become a favorite hiking spot for locals.

In case you are looking for something fun to do that is out of the ordinary, then hiking with them to this historical scene is one of the things you shouldn’t ignore.

The hike begins at Elena Gallegos Open Space. The climb is strenuous, steep, and can sometimes be challenging to navigate. Therefore, ensure you go with experienced hikers if you are not one.

You will hike for 3.6 miles, and you will know you have reached your destination when you see the wreckage and a memorial plaque.

Burt’s Tiki Lounge

Burt’s Tiki Lounge is a joint that will help you experience the city as a local. It is a downtown bar that doesn’t attract tourists like most New Mexican-themed places. Here, you will enjoy live music, as you sip inexpensive cocktails.

There are a wide range of vacation rentals within a walking distance; hence you need not to worry about accommodation and transport if you intend to hangout here often during your vacation.

The American International Rattlesnake Museum

When you visit old town Albuquerque, you will find hundreds of tourists engaging in a wide range of activities. Nonetheless, one of the places that is often overlooked is the American International Rattlesnake Museum. It is located along the San Felipe Street.

The entrance of the museum is a storefront where you can purchase rattlesnake-themed souvenirs. When you get into the museum itself, you will interact with all kinds of live rattlesnakes. Of course, you will watch them from a distance, because they are some of the deadliest creatures on the universe.

There is a huge collection of historical artifacts and memorabilia about these creatures. You will learn a lot about them, and you might come out loving the creatures you have often misunderstood thanks to societal beliefs.

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