Exterior Inspection Tips For Making Sure Your Property Is In Good Condition

Moving into a new home is a big step. You have to be careful when looking for the right property and go through the right inspection steps to know any hidden problems. Going through the inspection process before buying or renting a new home will help you avoid unwanted issues and costs. If you’re aware of the problems before buying, you can then decide whether you want to continue and fix them or you would like to look for a new property. When checking a property, you have to make a checklist of the things you have to inspect. If you’re not sure what to look for, here are some exterior inspection tips to make sure your property is in good condition.

Walkways and Driveways

The inspection process is not just for the property itself, but it also includes the driveways and walkways. As you walk to the property, have a look at the walkways. Is it broken? Are the tiles aligned? Is there any underground problem that’s reflecting on the driveways? If you detect any issue with the walkways, you should check it right away and get a professional to inspect it. This will tell you how severe the problem is and whether it can be fixed or not.

Roof Inspection

Roof problems are not only costly but also dangerous. Some issues can be easily identified by looking at them, while others may need a further inspection, like walking on the roof itself or hanging a lander on its edges. Inspecting the roof also includes the chimneys and the ventilation system if they are installed on the roof. Some problems may need a professional to inspect them and decide on the condition of the roof. You will need to get a company that offers roofing and ventilation options to check everything on the roof. Start by checking that the roof is safe, and doesn’t have any holes, pests, or debris. Check if tree branches are blocking any vents. Take a look at the chimney to ensure that there is no missing mortar between the bricks and most importantly, there are no cracks or missing bricks.


Even though landscape issues can be easily fixed, some might cause problems in the long run. Untrimmed bushes can create hiding spots for criminals. They can also create blind spots and put the property’s safety at risk. The unmowed lawn might be hiding soil and insect problems. So check the soil and make sure there aren’t any hidden holes between them. If the grass is dead, it might be because the previous owner wasn’t taking care of it, or it could be because there’s a problem with the soil, and it will need to be completely changed. You must be aware of these issues and fix them right away to avoid any future hassles.

Windows and Doors

If you’re not willing to change the doors and windows of the entire house, then you should have a look at them. Some doors might look good from the outside, but they’re not completely safe. Some of them might even be cracked or broken, which will put the property at risk. The same applies to the windows. Make sure they can open, close, and lock normally. You will also need to check if they’re isolated or not and will prevent wind, rain, and snow from getting inside the house.

Exterior surface

Last but not least, the exterior surface of the property. Take a walk around the house to make sure that the walls are not cracked or have holes in them. Some cracks can be covered, while others could mean that the house is old and will need heavy construction. These issues can be expensive to fix and in many cases, it’s better to buy another house.


Buying a new house is one of the important investments that you do throughout your life. Before closing a deal, you should make sure that this house is the right one for you, and you can only make sure that it is by doing a proper inspection, especially an exterior inspection. An exterior inspection will tell you whether it’s a good investment or not. Some houses cost a fortune to fix the problems in it before moving in, while others might need a simple renovation. Some issues can only be detected by a professional. So when you find the right house, hire a professional to inspect it and give you proper advice on whether you should go on and move to this house or find another.

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