5 Things to Do In Tampa, FL

From perfectly pressed Cuban sandwiches to unique pirate invasions, Tampa’s traditions provide travel enthusiasts with outstanding experiences.

Apart from checking out the largest and oldest restaurant in Florida and cruising in the shallow waters of Tampa Bay, below are a host of other things you can do in this place;

Visit the Hyde Park Village

In case you need a place where you can escape from Tampa Bay Rays and watch people as you ponder on some issues or enjoy a cold drink with your friends, you need to visit the Hyde Park Village.

Apart from the three-tiered fountain that helps you escape from your thoughts, this place is also characterized by trees which will provide you with a shade from the scorching sun. In case you visit the place on the first Sunday of the month, you will have an opportunity to buy fresh produce during the farmers market.

Learn some culture at the Tampa Theatre

Often referred to as the movie palace, the Tampa Theatre is one of the best cultural sites in the city. It was built in 1926, and it mimic the Mediterranean castle courtyard in the inside. This is the perfect place where you will enjoy a host of classic films and screen movies all year long, and also get an opportunity to learn some history and culture.

Take a walk on the Urban Trail

In case you want to take a nature walk along one of the biggest River in Florida, then you will love the new Riverwalk, which stretches along Hillsborough River. This is the path that connects a myriad of fun-filled places including the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Glazer Children’s Museum, Tampa History Centre, the Performing Arts Centre, and many others. When walking along this extensive path, you will feed your eyes with iconic architecture, and also get a glimpse of some creatures in the river, as well as different bird species spying the urban jungle for a meal.

Interact with wildlife at the at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a nonprofit which rehabilitates injured creatures. You can visit this place and interact with different creatures of the sea, including one of the most famous dolphins in America – Winter, which was the main focus of the movie Dolphin Tale (2011).

See some art at the Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art is located in an ultra-modern building made with skylights and all-glass walls. Here, you will explore modern and antique exhibitions, and also learn a thing or two about contemporary art.

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