Famous People from San Jose, CA

Below is a list of people who were born, raised, lived, or spent a part of their lives in San Jose. Simply put, these are famous people who can identify themselves with this amazing city.

Frank Bacon

He is an American actor and script writer who achieved tremendous success in the film industry. He co-wrote and starred in legendry films “Lightnin’”

He appeared in over 700 shows for the movie and made over 1,200 performance until he was taken ill due to fatigue. He died of a cardiac arrest one week later.

Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson is a former NFL Cheerleader, comedian, and actress. She appeared in several TV series including the 13th season of the MADtv series. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 2006, and she is still going strong. Most importantly, she is a San Jose Native America should take pride in.

Randy Hill

Randy Hill is an American songwriter and singer. His genre of music is mostly folk rock, but he has released albums with pop rock, roots rock, new wave, children’s, and pop music. He is 66 years old today, and he is still a notable voice in the music industry.

Charles Martinet

Charles Martinet is an American voice Actor and actor who was born in 1955 in San Jose, CA the place where Tech Museum of Innovation has become a great attraction. He has done several voice acts through the years, but the most notable among them is the voicing of Mario, in the video game series dubbed “Super Mario.”

Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman was a professional American football player who played in the NFL. He abandoned his football career to join the US Army after 9/11. He played a great role in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars until his death in 2004 which gained a lot of media attention throughout the globe.

Jeannie Mai

She is an American talk show host, fashion stylist, and TV personality. She is popular for her shows “USA’s Character Fantasy,” “How do I Look?” and her talk show, “The Real.”


Being a fashion stylists, she is also featured in a number of fashion shows and networks such as the E! Entertainment, Entertainment Tonight, Insider, and many more.

Miguel Perez

He is a prominent actor who is known for numerous stage, film, and TV appearances.

Some of the shows he has appeared in include “The Wonder Years,”  “Chicago Hope,” and “90210.” He is a son of San Jose, having been born and bred in this amazing city.

With the above notable figures who can identify with this city, it can be said that San Diego is an undisputable home of champions, not only that but also the home of great spots such as Kelly Park.

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