Famous People from Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is not only a major tourist destination as you know it. It is also a city that boasts of an interesting history, and one that people from all walks of life call home. It’s a vibrant economy that hosts huge business enterprises and thousands of thriving small businesses.

This city is also a cultural hub, and has proven to be a perfect destination for anthropologists and cultural fanatics.

Apart from being a major city in VA, one thing most people don’t know about Virginia Beach is that it is a place where their favorite celebrities call home. Yes, this is a city that has bred many famous people. Some of them include;

Pharrell Williams

Without a doubt, Pharrell Williams has for a long time inspired many people through his music. Interestingly, he was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA.

When talking about his childhood, Pharrell says that he spent most of his school days in this city, and even went skateboarding at Mount Trashmore.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is an acting Hero who has played major roles in some of the best films of all time. He is an Oscar nominee, and a man who has won hundreds of awards during his career. What you might not know about him is that he spent most of his life in Virginia Beach, VA.

He graduated from First Colonial High School, before going to college and pursuing his acting career. He attributes his success to his teachers at school, and the time he spent in Virginia Beach.

This is one of the celebrities who is not afraid to call Virginia Beach Home, and you might rub shoulders with him some day when you come for a vacation in this city!

Chyler Leigh

Chyler Leigh is a Grey’s Anatomy Character who was born and raised in Virginia Beach. This Little Grey Star has had a successful career, and she is arguably one of the best actresses in modern history. Even though she lived in the city until the age of 12, she is a daughter that this fun-filled haven should be proud of.

Jason George

Jason George is another Grey’s Anatomy character who was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. He even spent all his school life in this city. First, he attended Kempsville High School, and then joined the University of Virginia where he attained his degree.

Gabrielle Douglas

This list cannot be complete without mentioning Gabrielle Douglas, a renowned athlete who won two gold medals in the 2012 Olympics. Apart from being born and raised in Virginia Beach, this decorated athlete trained in the sandy beaches of the city!

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