History of Anaheim, CA

Anaheim is situated 25 miles from Los Angeles, and lies in the Orange County. This city was not popular until 1955 when Walt Disney built Disneyland, which brought the city to life and led to a rise in population.

The city was originally inhabited by fifty German families in 1857. The families were residents of San Francisco. They had travelled in different states looking for fertile lands to grow grapes. They decided to buy a 1,165-acre piece of land in the present day Orange County, in the area known as Anaheim in the present day.



The Family then founded the Anaheim Vineyard Company. They then formed a community and called it Anaheim, which means ‘home by the Santa River’ in German.

Although the primary objective of the family was to make wine using grapes, the inhabitants of the area were mechanics and craftsmen who had no prior experience in winemaking. However, this did not deter the community from following its objective, and for 25 years, Anaheim became the largest producer of wine in California.

In 1884, however, a rare disease infected the grape fields and the wine industry crumbled. The community turned to other crops such as walnuts, oranges, and lemons. Fruits and vegetables became the major cash crops in the area. Thanks to the massive production of these vital products, Anaheim was connected to the Continental Railroad in 1887, and was regarded as the second largest city in Los Angeles County in 1876. In 1889, Los Angeles County was split into two, and gave rise to the Orange County where Anaheim lies today.

Despite being named the second largest city in Los Angeles, the irony is that it remained a rural setting until 1955 when Walt Disney built Disneyland.  This is a destination that attracted millions of visitors every year. This led to the construction of myriad of hotels, motels, parks, and other recreation facilities. Additionally, the population of the city increased tremendously; hence the real estate business started booming.

The city became an industrial area, and one of the fastest growing economies in the United States which produced aircraft parts, canned fruits, and electronics.

In the modern Day, Anaheim, CA is home to dozens of people. It is a highly livable area owing to the availability of a convenient transport system, schools, health facilities, and recreational facilities. Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, despite being one of the oldest parks remains one of the most visited park in the world which brings in a lot of foreign exchange. This makes the city an economic hub that the entire America takes pride in.



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