Things To Do in Houston, TX

Often known as the space city, Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. Thanks to this fact, it can be confidently stated that there are many things you can do in this destination. Whether you need to learn about space exploration, relax in a Chinese restaurant, stroll in a park, or ogle a masterpiece in an ultra-modern museum, this is the place to be.

If you have just visited the city or you are a resident, city Houston, TX has attractions to offer. Below are some of the things that will make you return to the city over and over again.

Check out the space center

Wondering why Houston is popularly known as the space city? Well, something you might not know is  that the first word uttered in space was “Houston;” therefore this is the place that hosts the world’s best interstellar museums.

The reason why NASA Space Centre is a must-do thing when in Houston is because of the spectacular displays and attractions that come with it. Perhaps the most notable attraction when in this place is the 747 plane at the Independence Plaza which replicates a real space shuttle. When you come to this place, you will have a rare opportunity to explore the shuttle, learn on how it works, and even get a feel of the astronauts’ living quarters and the flight decks. 

Visit the National Museum of Funeral History

If you love unveiling mystery, then visiting the National Museum of Funeral History should be one thing you should not ignore when you visit Houston, TX.  Here, you will have a recreation of the Funeral of Abraham Lincoln’s state Funeral at the Macabre Museum and discover everything about the how a pope is buried.

In this destination, there is a large packyard graveyard bus that was created in 1916 to ‘eliminate funeral processions. It has the capacity to ferry 20 mourners, pallbearers, and a coffin. However, this bus seized to operate when its weight caused it to throw bodies and people on a hill in San Francisco. There is some interesting history you will learn here.


Go to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

This is a place that hosts rare African sculptures and other attractions you can come and see with your friends during happy hour. We cannot fail to mention that when in this place, you will enjoy your favourite cocktail as you delight in music from a live DJ.

Every Thursday, admission to the Museum of Fine Arts is free during happy hour, plus there is a cash-bar where you can have fun all night.

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