Located in San Bernardino, California, Muscupiabe is a sought-after neighborhood because of the various homes and apartments for rent that are available. You can find everything from single-family homes to duplexes and townhomes with plenty of space to accommodate your needs. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to see why this area has become popular among renters. This blog post will discuss what makes Muscupiabe a highly sought-after place. Read on!


This is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Bernardino, CA with the majority of the homes and apartments for rent ranging from $500 to $900. Also, the average income for renters is around $53,000 which isn’t too far off from the national median of $57,617.


This neighborhood offers quick access to 91 Freeway and State Route 210 as well as many amenities such as shopping centers and restaurants located near Muscupiabe Parkway. The closest school is Arrowview Middle School, but there are other options in this area and throughout San Bernardino, if you have children who attend school. Overall, it’s a convenient place because of its location close to freeways and major highways that can take you anywhere.

Public Transport

The public transportation options in Muscupiabe and surrounding areas are great, especially because of the Metrolink Station located nearby. Also, there’s a bus stop near Arrowview Middle School that provides students with various options to get around their community or take them toward other locations such as Downtown San Bernardino, where they can enjoy all types of events like concerts and festivals.


The schools located in Muscupiabe and surrounding areas are very reputable, which is why this neighborhood has become so popular among renters. You can find a variety of elementary schools such as Arrowview Middle School, Creek View Elementary School, Big Bear Elementary school, and Rainbow Avenue Charter Academy located nearby. Also nearby you will find various high schools including San Bernardino High School, Pacific High School, or Silverado High School if that’s the path your child chooses to take after graduating from middle school.

What makes this area so popular among renters? Well, it falls at an affordable price point compared to many neighborhoods throughout California. Plus, you have quick access to major roads which gives you more freedom when venturing off into different cities within the state! With so much convenience offered here for less money than most places in California – why not consider Muscupiabe?

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