When looking for a honeymoon destination, you want to find something that is romantic and beautiful. You also need the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. Angel Island in Oakland, CA has all of those things! In this blog post, we will discuss why this is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon vacation.

Amazing Romantic Activities

Angel Island is a great place to spend your honeymoon because it has all of the different activities you could want to enjoy. Your first romantic activity is to go on a picnic at one of the many beautiful spots around the island. With your lunch packed up, you can take this time alone with each other and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Another great romantic activity would be climbing Mt. Livermore! This isn’t an easy climb but it will give you both something fun to do together and the views from the top will be unforgettable! When you’re on your honeymoon, it’s important to enjoy these special moments with each other and that’s exactly what this trip would do.

Amazing Hotels

When it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination, you want somewhere that has amazing hotels for your time together. The Victorian Inn at the top of Angel Island is an amazingly romantic setting and will give you both everything you need for relaxation and romance! This hotel is perfect because it offers great amenities like in-room dining and massages while still maintaining the elegant and romantic setting that you will love.

When it comes time for your stay, don’t forget to request a room with an amazing view of San Francisco! You can wake up every morning together in the perfect place where all you have to do is step outside your door because there are no other hotels around. The fact that this hotel isn’t surrounded by other buildings makes it even more special for you both.

Best Honeymoon Destination!

Angel Island is the perfect honeymoon destination because of all the amazing things you can do together and on your own time. You won’t be thinking about work or anything else when you know that there are so many fun activities to enjoy during your stay. You both will remember this for the rest of your lives and be grateful that you found such a great place.

Fantastic Food Options

Angel Island doesn’t just have amazing activities, it also has delicious food options! It’s important to enjoy some nice meals together during your trip so why not try Wing Lee Bakery? This bakery is known for its amazing selection of pastries and other baked goods that will leave you wanting more.

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