Oakland Zoo is a wonderful place and should be enjoyed by everyone. However, there are some things that you want to avoid doing to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for those around you. Here are some things not to do at Oakland Zoo:

Don’t Feed the Animals

This is one of the most important things not to do in Oakland Zoo. Feeding animals is a definite no-no and can get you ejected from the zoo without a refund if it happens. This includes grapes, fruit, or anything that could be mistaken for food! If you want to feed an animal then some zoos have special feeding areas that are clearly marked with what they will eat so there is no risk of confusion.

Don’t Get Too Close

Even though many people believe this one should go without saying – don’t get too close to the animals at Oakland Zoo unless instructed by a worker/zoo representative. You might think your child isn’t going near any dangerous wildlife but these professionals know every inch of their zoo and where each species likes being petted (or not!) When an animal comes up to you, this is always a risk and can be avoided with some simple distance.

Don’t Make Loud Noises or Disturb the Animals If They are Sleeping

This one especially goes for those of you looking to take pictures at Oakland Zoo – try not waking sleeping animals or making loud noises that will startle them into moving if they’re trying to rest. This also means no flash photography as it could irritate your subject just like bright lights would in real life! After all, these creatures were on their best behavior when someone was able to snap their picture so let’s keep it that way!

Don’t Ignore the Rules

This is pretty simple – all of the zoo rules are in place for a good reason so do your best to follow their lead! No touching, no feeding, stay on marked paths at all times, and keep noise levels down. These animals have been domesticated enough that they will not attack you but this does not mean it’s okay to ignore common sense when dealing with wildlife!


Oakland Zoo is a wonderful place and it should be enjoyed by everyone! However, there are things that you want to avoid doing in case they startle or irritate the animals. If you follow these simple rules then everyone will have an enjoyable time at Oakland Zoo.

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