Why Visit John S. Taylor Park near Largo

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John S. Taylor Park is a hidden gem of Largo, FL! This park features many amenities for visitors to enjoy such as hiking trails, picnic areas with tables and grills, fishing pier/pond with boat dock access, playgrounds for children of all ages including one that has wheelchair accessible equipment, restrooms, and water fountains. It also offers an open field for sports enthusiasts or just those looking to fly their kites. We hope you will visit this wonderful place soon!

There are many reasons why you should visit this place, including:

Its Serene

This park has an abundance of wildlife, including many birds. A number of trails allow you to take a nice walk and enjoy the serenity around you.

There are restrooms located within this park as well which can be helpful if there is no restroom nearby or you need to change your little one’s diaper.

It’s Open Year-Round!

The John S Taylor Park is open year round for visitors come rain or shine! The only time it closes its doors temporarily is during certain hunting seasons when they close on Wednesdays but reopens Thursday mornings through Sunday evening (normally). It does tend to shut down Monday & Tuesday though so make sure not to plan any trips those days. If possible, try coming out here at least once during the week to avoid any possible closure times.

Many Playgrounds

There are several playgrounds located within the park all catering to different age groups. There is one specifically for children with disabilities that allows them to play alongside their friends without having any issues or concerns about safety.

Many Grills & Tables

This place has many grills and tables where you can sit down, relax, enjoy a meal together as a family while watching kids run around on the jungle gym only feet away from your table! It’s definitely something that everyone in your family will love so bring some lunch over here after school/work and have an amazing afternoon outside enjoying nature at its best!

Best Picnic Area

This is the best picnic area in Largo, FL! There are so many tables and grills to choose from with a beautiful pond located right next to it. Many people come by during their lunch break or after work just to enjoy some time outside.

There are also restrooms here which are always helpful for those with small children who need constant attention throughout your outdoor adventure. They’re great for diaper changes too if you don’t have another place nearby where you can utilize that feature as well!

It’s Almost Free!

The John S Taylor Park does not charge visitors anything at all except on special occasions when there may be an event going on within the park such as festivals or concerts & shows held outdoors (which only occur seasonally). Parking is also free so if you are looking for somewhere to go where it won’t cost much or anything at all, this is the perfect place!

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