You are considering Valley College in San Bernardino, California? You are not alone. It is one of the best colleges in southern California and it has a lot to offer its students. Let’s take a look at all you need to know about this amazing institution:


Valley College was founded in 1955 as a junior college. In 1983, it became a community college and has been growing ever since. It is now one of the biggest colleges in southern California with thousands of students. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The campus is located in San Bernardino, California. It has several campuses throughout this city for its students’ convenience. The main one, however, is on Northpark Boulevard near the 210 freeway. It spans over 85 acres (340 000 m²) with plenty of parking spots available around it. Parking permit fees are $30 per semester or a daily rate of $12 during weekdays between classes from Monday through Thursday. There is free public transportation all day long on weekends so there’s no need to worry about that! Campus services include police officers patrolling 24/7 both inside and outside school grounds; disability accessibility accommodations, recreational facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and a gym; and free wireless internet access.

Faculty & staff

The faculty members at Valley College are part of the California Community Colleges System, which is responsible for hiring them. All instructors have their Masters degrees as well as experience in the field they teach (most often an associate degree). Some even go on to earn doctoral degrees or become experts in their fields. The turnover rate here is low: only about one percent per year! This means that you will always be taught by knowledgeable teachers who know what they’re doing and can help you out with all your problems no matter how big or small they may seem. They also maintain strong relationships with students so there’s plenty of room for personal growth throughout each semester – if needed – thanks to their time to dedicate to each one of you.

Signing up for courses

The registration process is pretty standard but there are a few things you should know about it in case your transfer school requires particular requirements from Valley College: all LAVC students must meet with an academic counselor before registering the first semester no matter what course they want to sign up for; second, certain grades are required at LAVC so that credits could be transferred successfully (a C or better); and finally, vocational programs require proof of immunization due to health safety concerns. All other college’s prerequisites will also have to be met in order for them not to be waived at the end of every term by faculty members on-site! It’s always good to double-check and make sure everything is in order.

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