Top Places to Visit in Tampa

So, you have decided to visit Tampa, FL on your vacation. You anticipate a lot of fun and excitement, and you can’t wait for the time to come. However, as you look at your guide book, you can’t find something interesting to do. The events to take part in are those that you have done […]

Things you did not know about Tampa, FL

You probably know Tampa as one of the liveliest cities in Florida. You know it as a hotbed of culture and a thriving economy, and a fun-filled destination that everyone should visit at some point in their lives. However, there are some facts about this area that you probably didn’t know. They include; Cuban cigars […]

The History of Tampa, FL

The History of Tampa dates back to 1824 after the founding of Fort Brooke along the Hillsborough River after USA took Florida from Spain. Soon after, a number of civilians were brought to the areas, and in 1855, the town of Tampa, FL was incorporated. During this time, growth was slowed by an array of […]

5 Things to Do In Tampa, FL

From perfectly pressed Cuban sandwiches to unique pirate invasions, Tampa’s traditions provide travel enthusiasts with outstanding experiences. Apart from checking out the largest and oldest restaurant in Florida and cruising in the shallow waters of Tampa Bay, below are a host of other things you can do in this place; Visit the Hyde Park Village […]